Pay, Benefits & Wellbeing Survey 2021
(Charity Sector)

Our annual Pay, Benefits & Wellbeing Survey is now open!

This survey will be of interest to HR and Management professionals in the charity sector.

It will include a focus on the impact Covid-19 is continuing to have on pay and reward practices and how organisations are navigating through these uncharted times.  It will provide vital data on the current landscape, likely trends for 2022, both of which will enable you to benchmark your organisation against your comparator market to ensure you stay competitive.

Our survey will ask key questions on the following themes and look to find out how organisations are dealing with these current pay and reward issues.

1. The impact of Covid-19 on pay awards, structural reviews and pay budget forecasting.

2. Initiatives on how to engage with a remote workforce and retain collegiate working approaches and culture.

3. The role of the office – a look at how organisations are changing their working environments and practices, including hybrid working models, different pay models based on location/place of work.

4. Employee Wellbeing Initiatives and Benefits, given the changing employees model with many more employees home working what has this meant in terms of attractive and relevant offering.

Our survey report will provide you with all the latest data and include key insights and case studies of how others are successfully navigating through these unpredictable times, including TACT’s permanent move to home working, China Dialogue Trust’s adoption of a 4-day working week and WaterAid’s recent employee diversity audit and analysis.

In addition using our 20 plus years’ experience in reward, Reward Connected will take a look back at the journey of reward over the years so as to help learn and understand what the future holds.

The survey is now open and will close on 31st August. The results will be published in September.

The cost of this survey will be £399 (+ VAT), or £350 (+ VAT) for returning participants from last year’s survey. The report will only be available to participants.

To take part in this survey click on the link below.

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