Benefits And Wellbeing Package

The difficulty of creating a benefits and wellbeing package is identifying what to offer, specific to your staff.

What Motivates Staff?

Many different incentives motivate individuals to produce their best efforts, so the benefits and wellbeing initiatives an employer decides to provide should not be underestimated.

Your organisation may increase motivation by offering a higher base pay with lower benefits. Or perhaps this won’t work for you, because the values your organisation holds needs to align with a different benefits and wellbeing package.

Whatever you create, you must create a positive effect on staff, rather than a detrimental one.

Knowing The True Cost

Identifying the true cost to the organisation, as well as their perceived value to staff is a must.

It is what creates a strong foundation on which to build an efficient and keen team. A benefits package that is designed solely for your organisation can help improve staff wellbeing and absence management.

Reward Connected will help you regularly review your benefit offering, ensuring you maintain a well-structured benefits package that is right for you.

Annual Wellbeing Report

Every year Reward Connected undertakes an in-depth overview of what the market is currently offering staff for benefits and wellbeing.

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