Job Evaluation

Without at job evaluation system, new roles can be time consuming to define and place within any existing workplace hierarchy, leaving employers struggling to find the right staff to move their organisation forward.

Job Evaluation - Getting It Right For You And Your Staff

By creating a job evaluation grading structure for your organisation, you can measure roles against a well-defined criteria in order to generate a rank order. With this foundation in place, you can save time and money going forward, easily defining roles, sourcing great staff and keeping them happy.

JESS – Our Job Evaluation Tool

The Reward Connected job evaluation tool JESS will provide you with everything you need for a fair and ordered grading structure, which will underpin your pay system rather than simply relying on a job title to define an employees worth. It will also provide staff with clarity on company pay and ultimately protecting you from any equal pay challenges.

JESS is a 7 factor analytical system designed to evaluate every job within an organisation, from the Chief Executive at the top right down to the most junior positions at the bottom.

The system can be used in any sector.

It is simple, objective and easy to use producing results in a clear and transparent way.

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