Progression Systems

The concept of pay linked to performance has been with us for many years, generating much interest and debate.

Progression Systems - Designing A Strategy

To support and guide you through this minefield, we can help you define and develop your staff progression systems using performance pay.

By consciously making performance pay part of your reward system, staff can clearly see their development strategy and work towards clear goals.

Each business, however, is different. Your business may need a performance pay system that is simple and straightforward, such as team bonuses based on organisational profits.

Or you may need to refine a more elaborate system, linking pay increases to the demonstration of competence and skills a staff member shows.

Whatever your needs, Reward Connected can help you.

Changing A Progression System – What To Look Out For!

When working with you, our consultants always bear in mind the latest market developments and are clear about the costs involved in changing current pay regimes.

Advice and guidance on achieving the most effective use of your pay budget is priority, so that you get the strongest possible return.

With our help, your business will find a cost-effective way to increase staff motivation.

To design a strategy for your progression system, contact us now.