Pay Research

You need to know you are paying staff in line with the market.

Making Sure Your Pay is Competitive

Using Reward Connected on a pay research project will ensure you are doing all you can to offer market competitive pay to your staff.

To make sure the Pay Research Project works for you, we identify the right market and criteria to start our research.

We then compile data from a vast range of resources including our own in-house databases, salary surveys and comparator organisations.

Pay Research Relevant To You

Once the research and analysis are complete, we then offer you pay recommendations based on a strong understanding of your market.

Pay Research For Specific Job Roles

We also offer a pay research service for a specific or single job role. This will help you enormously if you ever need to introduce a role due to skills shortage, or perhaps need advice for a Remuneration Committee on the appropriate pay levels for Senior Executives.

We are specialists in Pay Research and would be glad to help you.
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