Pay and Grading

Your organisation is unique, so your pay and grading system must be too.

Fair, Equitable And Legally Compliant Pay and Grading Systems

Reward Connected can help you design the perfect pay framework for your organisation.

We specialise in giving you a clear, easy to use pay and grading system that is flexible with market changes and grows as your organisation achieves its goals.

We have many years of experience designing and delivering these systems. We understand how important it is to make them fair to your employees and that they comply with the most up to date legal requirements.

Learn more about pay and grading systems or read a case study of our work.

The Benefits Of A Strong Foundation

At Reward Connected, we know all pay and grading systems need strong foundations, so you can be confident they will work for you.

This means your system must:

  • Be based on analytical, factor-based job evaluations.
  • Promote transparency, fairness and gender equality.
  • Be flexible and robust enough to support your organisation.
  • Control costs, to avid problems further down the line.
  • Remain market-sensitive to help you recruit the top talent and retain the best staff.
  • Reward individual, team or organisational performance, whichever best suits your company goals.


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