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Reward Connected provide a bespoke and personal service. Our success is built on tailoring our work to your organisation's needs. Contact us today to explore the benefits of a clear and relevant reward scheme.

Michelle Buckley


Michelle began her career in reward consultancy after graduating from university, quickly progressing from the fundamentals of pay and grading to the highly complex challenges of creating entirely new reward structures.

She believes one of the key strengths of Reward Connected is the time they take to engage with their customers actual needs. She has established an impressive, world-wide customer base and prides herself on building long-term relationships with her clients, supporting them as their organisation grows.

Reward Connected go the extra mile. But great working relationships with clients can only be borne with extensive experience from a successful career in reward.

If your organisation needs help with pay and reward, Michelle is the person who can help, no matter how vast and complicated the task may be.

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Nick Galton

Senior Reward Consultant

Nick has vast pay and reward experience across a diverse range of businesses, from small charities to major FTSE 100 companies.

His background in HR and Pay and Reward consulting projects are just as varied, covering many of the issues your organisations will come across as you grow.

He is an indispensable part of Reward Connected, making sure you get a pragmatic solution to your problems.

We believe in having a long-standing relationship with our clients, supporting them through project after project. Nick is a strong upholder of our values.

Read more about the projects Nick has worked on.

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At Reward Connected we value our staff, training them to the highest standards. However, some projects bring us into contact with other great professionals. Professionals who inspire us with their knowledge, enthusiasm and experience. If you need their specialist help, please do get in touch with these excellent businesses directly.

Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy Services

Sarah E Martin Consultancy provides diversity and inclusion consultancy services. Sarah helps organisations to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, create inclusive culture and foster positive wellbeing in the workplace.

Consultancy services range from diversity audits, inclusive recruitment, staff and management skills development and training, employee networks, policies and toolkits, coaching, and mental health and wellbeing strategies.

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Human Resources

Forty Nine HR provides Human Resources Consultancy services and advice. We have recommended them for a number of projects and have always been thrilled with their attitude, enterprise and talent.

If you need guidance to deliver HR projects in your business, speak to Director of Forty Nine HR Katie Boudakian today.

Katie Boudakian is the Director of Forty Nine HR and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD).

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