Pay Remits

Reward Connected help organisations like yours get the best they can from their remit.

Pay Remits - Difficult To Understand

Pay remits are important to your organisation, but they are not easy to get right.


Because often the definitions are hard to understand, the language used is unusual and the rules are difficult to remember.

Do you recall when you need to exclude your Senior Civil Servants? Or when to adjust your non-consolidated pay pot based on percentages?

By using Reward Connected to help you with your pay remit, you won’t need to remember.

How We Will Help You With Your Pay Remit

In the simplest of terms, we will make certain you have claimed everything you are entitled to, ensure you have counted what you needed to count and that it is all in the right place.

Each year starts from the last approved remit, so if you get this wrong now you are unlikely to recover that loss.

Contact us now so we can help you get your pay remit right.