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Reward Communications – Top Tips For Getting It Spot On

Ensuring employees understand your organisations reward strategy and the projects you’re working hard to deliver, is essential to ensure both high levels of employee engagement and project success.  Reward Connected is an independent reward consultancy.  We have extensive experience of working with our customers’ reward communications on projects ranging from developing reward strategies, to implementing new pay frameworks or re-designing benefit programmes.  Here we share our top tips for getting reward communications spot on.

Plan your communications

Think about who you are trying to reach and the communications channels that are available to you – there may be more ways to reach them than you think.  In today’s world, you’ll almost certainly need multiple communication channels to reach your desired audience.  You’re likely to be competing with many other communications, so timing is critical.  Try to schedule communications to complement and reinforce each other.  Don’t assume that just because you’ve put something on your intranet, everyone will read it!

Consider your audience

Put yourself in your colleague’s shoes – what do they need to know?  How will they feel about whatever you are communicating? Tailor your communications according to your audience – one size won’t fit all.  Consider who just needs to be kept informed, and who needs to know exactly what is going on and how it is going to affect them.

Start now

Many organisations delay communications until they have the full picture.  It’s often better to share what you know early, and add to it as necessary as things develop.

Share the vision

Your message is likely be more engaging, and better received if you share the context.  Be clear about how the project supports your organisation’s objectives.  What is the long-term vision?

Maintain the dialogue

Regular updates are often better than one longer communication, as they provide multiple opportunities to get your message out there.  If things change, tell people.  Asking for feedback and help, can also keep the communication channels open.

Be creative

Treat your employees as you would your customers.   A variety of styles will help get your message across – be entertaining, thought-provoking and maybe even funny.

Need more help?

Reward Connected is an independent reward consultancy and we can help ensure your organistion’s rewards communications are spot on. Contact us today to discover the support we can provide. We look forward to helping you.